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POL S 555: Am Pol Graduate Seminar
Minority Political Behavior

Monday 1:30 pm - 4:20 pm, Smith Hall 109

Professor: Matt A. Barreto
Office: Gowen 148
Office Hours: By appointment

Week 1 – March 31	Introductions

Week 2 – April 7	Group Consciousness
Miller, Gurin, Gurin, Malanchuk, 1981, “Group Consciousness and Political Participation.” AJPS 25(3): 494-511

Uhlaner, 1989, “Relational goods and participation: Incorporating sociability into a theory of rational action.” Public Choice. 62(3): 253-285.

Gurin, Miller, Gurin. 1980. “Stratum identification and Consciousness.” Social Psychology Quarterly. 43(1): 30-47.

Week 3 – April 14	Linked Fate
Dawson, 1994, Behind the Mule, Princeton University Press. // Chapters 1 – 4 

Week 4 – April 21	Linked Fate
Dawson, 1994, Behind the Mule, Princeton University Press. // Chapters 5 – 9 

Week 5 – April 28	Measurement issues in identity
McClain, Carew, Walton, Watts. 2009. “Group Membership, Group Identity and Group Consciousness,” Annual Review of Political Science. 12: 471-485

Gay, 2004. “Putting race in context: Identifying the environmental determinants of Black racial attitudes.” American Political Science Review. 98(4): 547-562

Week 6 – May 5	Latino Political Behavior
Stokes, 2003. “Latino group consciousness and political participation.” American Politics Research

Sanchez, 2006, “The role of group consciousness in Latino public opinion.” Political Research Quarterly.

Sanchez, 2006. “The role of group consciousness in political participation among Latinos in the United States.” American Politics Research

Week 7 – May 12	Asian American Political Behavior
Masuoka, 2006. “Together they become one: Examining predictors of panethnic group consciousness among Asian Americans and Latinos.” Social Science Quarterly.

Junn & Masuoka, 2008. “Asian American identity: Shared racial status and political context” Perspectives on Politics.

Wong, Ramakrishnan, Lee, Junn. 2011. “National Origin, Pan-Ethnicity and Racial Identity.” In Asian American Political Participation. Russell Sage Press.

Week 8 – May 19	Group empowerment and participation
Bobo and Gilliam, 1990. “Race, sociopolitical participation and black empowerment.” American Political Science Review.

Barreto, 2007. “Si Se Puede! Latino candidates and the mobilization of Latino voters.” American Political Science Review. 

Gay, 2001. “The effect of Black congressional representation on political participation”

Barreto, Segura & Woods. 2004. “The Effects of overlapping majority-minority districts on Latino turnout.” American Political Science Review. 

Week 9 – May 26
Jamal, 2005. “The political participation and engagement of Muslim Americans: Mosque involvement and group consciousness.” American Politics Research

Dana, Barreto, Oskoii, 2011. “Mosques as American Institutions” Religions

Ozyurt. 2010. “Bridge builders or boundary markers? The role of the mosque in the acculturation process of immigrant Muslim women in the United States.” Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs.

Week 10 – June 2	Final Presentations

Finals Week – June 9-13	Final papers due by June 12, via e-mail