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POL S 317: Racial and Ethnic Politics in the U.S.

Tuesday & Thursday, 12:00 - 1:20 pm, Kane Hall 220

Professor: Matt A. Barreto
Office: Gowen 139
Office Hours: Wed. 9:00 11:00 am


Short Paper #1

  • Due in class, October 23rd, 12:00pm - no extensions
  • Pick one of the three questions: Download Assignment

    Election Project

    Part 1: Campaign analysis

  • With a partner, you will pick two examples from the 2008 presidential campaign to analyze, with regard to the use of race as an issue. At least one example must be a campaign commericial/ad, and it is okay if both examples are campaign ads. If you only choose one campaign ad, the second example can be a speech, media commentary, comments by a supporter, etc.
  • Explain (1) how race is being used; (2) whether the use of race is explicit or implicit; (3) if any racially "coded" language is used; (4) who the target audience was; (5) what was the reaction
  • You will present your findings/analysis in quiz section, and also turn in a 2-page single-spaced write-up on each example (total of 4 pages)

    Part 2: Make your own campaign ad

  • With your same partner, building on your analysis and what we have discussed in class, you will create two examples of campaign advertisements that use the issue of race, or play on racial attitudes. The ads can be either positive or negative, they can be explicit or implicit, so long as they are consistent with actual campaign ads that have been run, or could be run. Please be smart about this, and do not include any offensive or profane language. If you have questions about what is okay, ask your TA or Prof. Barreto. Ads should be no longer than 35 seconds each.
  • You will present your two ads in quiz section, along with your analysis of each commercial
  • You will also be required to upload both commercials to YouTube

    Presidential Election Predictions

  • Washington Post Electoral College Predictions - Click Here to Enter
  • Under "Name Your Map" Enter YOUR NAME + UW POLS 317
  • After you enter you will receive a URL/link to your unique picks. Email that URL to your TA.