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Matt A. Barreto

Professor of Political Science & Chicano Studies

Current Research Projects: Census 2020

For the 2020 Census the Department of Commerce decided to add a question asking all households to indicate whether every household member is currently a U.S. citizen or not. Currently that question is asked on the Census ACS which is a sample of about 1.7% to 2.1% of all households. In 2020 the DOC plans to add this as a required question to the 100% household short form. In response, the states of California, New York, and 16 other states, along with 14 localities sued the Department of Commerce arguing that the inclusion of a citizenship question would harm the quality of the data and lead to a net under-count. As part of these lawsuits, we conducted a comprehensive literature review on sensitive questions, political context, and response rates to understand how this new question might impact response rates in 2020. In addition, we implemented a large national survey to ask residents of all 50 states how they plan to respond or participate in light of a new citizenship question.

Publicly available research reports

  • Expert Report of Matthew A. Barreto, Ph.D. in California lawsuit [ Download PDF ]

  • Expert Report of Matthew A. Barreto, Ph.D. in New York lawsuit [ Download PDF ]

  • Barreto Rebutal to Abowd in New York lawsuit [ Download PDF ]

  • Expert Report of Matthew A. Barreto, Ph.D. in Kravitz (MD) lawsuit [ Download PDF ]

  • Analysis of imputation in NY & CA lawsuits[ Download PDF ]

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